Making our future the cause of the present

As ERSA Construction we have committed ourselves to be a part of Sustainable Architecture & Construction to produce sustainable structures.
At least protecting the Earth for the New generations start with sustainable environment that can be achievable with sustainable construction. In
order to be considered sustainable, buildings must not only be energy efficient or constructed using recycled materials, but also be healthy and
comfortable on the inside, as well as being safe and accessible. Costs associated with the construction, maintenance and the building’s life cycle
ultimately play an important role.

Furthermore, for ERSA Construction , the idea and the realisation of a sustainable construction project draws on a holistic approach, bringing
together a reflection on the 9 themes of Le Guide Bâtiment Durable de London Environnement [London Environment Sustainable Construction

The goal is to be able to assess the sustainability of a business or project via a “Leeds sustainable building” reference framework.

1. Managing the project, construction site, building: To organise your project’s sustainable management, from construction site to building
2. Mobility: To encourage multimodal and sustainable mobility.
3. Developing nature: To integrate nature into the site and improve urban living conditions.
4. Physical environment: To limit the impact of the building on its surroundings.
5. Human environment: To encourage social interaction and guarantee housing accessibility for everyone.
6. Materials: To select materials that limit the building’s environmental impact throughout its life cycle.
7. Energy: To achieve the highest possible energy performance.
8. Water: To optimise water management.
9. Wellbeing, Comfort & Health: To ensure acoustic, thermal, visual and respiratory comfort.

We are ready and committed to act for the Sustainable Earth