Under Development Projects

Road Modernization Project Lutendele – Drc

The project is part of the opening up of neighborhoods and cities in the city of Kinshasa. The districts of Mbudi, Mazal and Lutendele were cut off from the surrounding populations with this road project.

At the beginning of the design of this project, a special focus was placed on project details such as Drainage structures (chutes) and engineering structures (culverts and culverts) and the construction of a 58 m span bridge over the Binza River.

The locality of Lutendele is full of enormous economic potential due to the fact that it is an agricultural area where there are several farms; The construction of this road will open up this area and facilitate trade between the districts of the urban-rural commune of Mont Ngafula and the city center. This road is a shortcut to Congo Central province from Pompage, its construction will relieve congestion on the Laurent Desire Kabila road, the UPN roundabout and the RN1 at Matadi Kibala. Its construction will help improve the living conditions of the local population and will facilitate movement and accessibility to economic centers, educational establishments and other centers of activity in the city.

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