Ersa is a company committed to Communities and Soceity

Our commitments to environmental conservation are enshrined in the construction company’s Code of Ethics and Conduct and its policies. To
ensure that we meet all our commitments and applicable requirements we use management tools across the entire project cycle.

We assess socioenvironmental risks, identify and manage the environmental impacts of our works, and conduct socioenvironmental inspections
in our operational and field activities. Legal requirements, legal conformity audits, and performance monitoring in social responsibility, occupational
health and safety, and environment, are systematized and managed online.


Please ask for the stories of people who have passed through the construction, and environment projects of ERSA

Our health and safety management policy is an extremely relevant priority mainstreamed across the entire organization. To leverage accident
prevention our programs focus on developing and strengthening a culture of safety.

We prioritize practices in which our leaders are committed to seeing and preventing accident risks by observing behaviors and inspecting work
fronts, and other interactions with the workforce. Our aim is to set a good example and encourage a positive dialogue to improve and prevent
unwanted situations.capable of solving solve specific challenges through new technologies they develop.