We beleive and follow innovation in the heavy construction industry

ERSA has created and implemented ERIN - All Together Innovation, a program designed to strengthen our operational excellence and make us increasingly competitive, agile and creative. The program boosts the company’s engagement with the innovation ecosystem and reinforces its commitment to open innovation in the engineering and construction market.

Working with startups, partners and collaborators, we created an environment capable of encouraging and consolidating our corporate culture of innovation. Our goal is to use ERIN to expand our business opportunities and raise the quality of the solutions we offer our clients, thereby making a difference in our target market. ERIN consists of several actions that together propagate the practice of innovating and finding solutions for the complex problems that our clients bring us.

ERIN tells all about how innovation is fundamental to meet our clients’ demands

Softwares are launched for startups capable of solving specific challanges through new technologies ERSA developed.

Our accelerator program ERMAN will support selected startups in the swift development of innovative solutions for the engineering and construction industry. These solutions will be validated through pilot projects in ERSA works.

Project of implementing Building Information Modeling System – BIMS in ERSA, where we develop state-of-theart engineering, generating value to our customers from the digital construction model, integrating all phases of the project, ensuring information management for all the stakeholders.