We are committed to high quality, fair deadlines and the best price

Since it was created ERSA Construction delivered over 60 contracts for the most varied segments, customers regions in three continents. Its
technical capacity goes far beyond building and covers project design, procurement, manufacturing and assembly, in addition to managing
projects and contracts.

Operational excellence on site is our culture, our value discipline. We offer integrated solutions, with multidisciplinary teams that
identifyopportunities and improvements throughout the project cycle, putting in practice the lean philosophy introduced to provide maximum added
value to our clients through minimum waste. Our clients can count on us each steps from preparing the proposal to finding solutions that reduce
costs and maximize results.

Direct results of Operational Excellence in our projects

We believe that knowing and understanding our clients is fundamental in any type of project. Every project has unique needs, characteristics and challenges. Aligning our work to our client’s expectations is the safest way to deliver what we agreed.
ERSA has finished works in over 40 countries. We help to develop local economies through quality projects that use natural resources well and respect cultural differences. Our unique principles and way of working go with us no matter where we operate.
We are committed to reducing waste, respecting laws, innovating to overcome challenges, and prioritizing quality in all our works. Efficient processes guarantee that any project we deliver has the quality expected from the ERSA brand.