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Construction Of Bakasi Deep Sea Port, Crossriver State, Nigeria

Ersa Construction has already finalized the mobilization and started dredging and piling works. Project will be finalized with in 44 Months.The Bakassi Deep Sea Port is located on the Bakassi shoreline in Cross River State, South-South Nigeria. It is within the gulf of Guinea. Coordinate: 433899.85mE – 523599.29mN. Distance to the open sea: 36km (19.4 Nautical mile).It is the closest port to Northern Nigeria. Dredging: The dredging work is required for the formation ofberth pocket and the port basin area which has the design draft of 14.5meters and the approach channel of width of 145 meters and length of 6.45km and same draft of 14.5meters.

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