Compliance Integrity

Transperancy and Ethics

At ERSA we do follow high ethical standards in business. Our values and principles evolved through time to what today is known as ERSA
PRINCIPALS. Our compliance and integrity actions are an important part of these precepts that we intend to spread more and more. Committed
to these actions, we apply the Code of Ethics and Conduct, establish policies and procedures, assess business risks and promote ethical relations
with our clients and suppliers.

We also check our partner’s reputation and administrative and financial standing before signing any contracts.

It is our view that a company is built by its people, by the ties between them and their interactions with society. We are convinced we must
conquer new markets based not just on our competence but foremost on our ethical values. And that’s not all. We believe it our duty as citizens to
be aligned with any principles that strengthen transparency and ethics, helping to create an increasingly fair society. We reinforce this commitment
daily so that all those involved with ERSA’s worldwide operations follows these principles together.

Please Take a Look at ERSA’s Integrity and Compliance Report

This report presents the main compliance and integrity actions developed by ERSA.

These actions were based on an analysis of the company’s profile considering the main market segments in which it operates, its organizational
structure, the inherent risks of its business and integration with society.

Through its actions ERSA establishes an ethical conduct in its daily activities, strengthening governance, integrity, competence, efficiency and
competitiveness in order to preserve its sustainability and endurance.