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HSE POLICY - Wazobia Set




Environmental sense and personnel health and safety are the key priority factors for the WAZOBIA SET Management in all processes. Our targets in this direction are to take all measures to protect the environment and human health as well as to ensure continuous development of our environment and health / safety system.


In order to achieve these goals, we undertake to put into practice the following;

  1. Always to identify any possible dangers to the environment and human health and to take the required measures on premature basis,
  2. To make use of natural and energy resources in an economical and effective manner,
  3. To minimize the negative impact of our activities on the human and environmental factor,
  4. To educate and provide with the relevant training our entire personnel including our customers and suppliers on health and environmental protection where necessary,
  5. To comply with the legal practice in our country as well as the provisions of the organizations we are affiliated to in the environmental and work safety matters,
  6. To ensure permanent optimization to prevent the repeat of any accidents and events,
  7. To ensure accessibility of our policy by the relating parties.
The entire WAZOBIA SET staff assumes responsibility for the protection of human health and environment. The principals on the sites, at the premises and corporate headquarters are liable to procure the awareness and application of this policy by all staff members.